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The Unstuck Box: One to Ones

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"Use it immediately to make your 1 on 1's more effective... 10/10." - Bill B.

This deck contains 100 thought-provoking prompts every high-performer should think about, whether you’re in a team or leading it: 

  • Understand your colleagues better
  • Build trust among your team
  • Make people happier at work
  • Improve motivation immediately
  • Become a world-class leader!

If you’re a manager, you know that getting the best from every team member should be your number one priority.

Sometimes, better communication is all it takes.

The Unstuck Box: One to Ones contains 100 thought-provoking questions which will help you get the most out of your team.

They’ll help you to uncover areas of neglect, frustration and resentment which can build up and cause long-term problems.

Each question has been posed by management experts to cover the core areas where you and your team need to be on the same page: weekly one-to-one checkins, career development, upwards feedback, new joiner onboarding, team building and health and wellbeing.

Building on ideas from Google, Harvard Business School and London Business School, this box will transform the way you and your team talk with each other.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Heather Songstad (Phoenix, US)

It helps to understand them on a different level.

Lindsay Troesch (Oakland, US)
Helpful talking points and questions

Great tool for one-on-one meetings to keep the conversations fun and interesting. The different categories help with the 30, 60 and 90 day check-in meetings to provide talking points to keep the meeting productive and engaging. My employee said they never used a card game to aide in facilitation of meetings. The feedback was positive and well received.

Mandi Higley (San Francisco, US)
Extremely Helpful!

Employees have stated their One to Ones typically are the same every time they meet with their managers. When we purchased the Untuck Box for One to Ones and made them available to our managers, we have been getting great feedback about how the One to One conversations are changing and both managers and employees are now getting more out of these meetings!

Ginny Curley (Omaha, US)
Easy, helpful, portable

I love the simplicity of this box. Easy to grab a question and start a meeting. But it is also broken down into categories so you can dig into a particular area (e.g. Goal setting, Upwards feedback, Health and wellbeing). I will be sharing this with those I consult with so they can order a box as well!

Greg Bowne (Somerville, US)
Used it like a game, leading to great conversations

I told my reports about the Unstuck 1:1 Box when I got it, and that it was an investment in my teams and for me as a manager. I explained the premise and showed some sample cards. I was clear that I was worried about it seeming like a corny activity, so I told them that instead of just asking the questions, we'd do it like a game, where I show them the card, we read it, and then discuss it. Even after one round of 1:1 meetings with my team members, it's led to some great insights into the team, and catch-up meetings that fill the entire time allotted or spill over. One employee realized he needed a little more guidance on his projects so we set up another touchpoint. Another raised the issue that we're working on so many different things that teamwork is different for us, so we focus our team time on how we can support each other. I've showed it to other managers in my department and across departments, and everyone's been fascinated by it. I'm eager to continue the game with my employees and draw out some of the quiet ones by introducing it over time.

Right now I've picked 7 cards across categories to give me some good flavor, but I might move to shuffling and pick at random. A managers' Tarot deck? 1:1 Poker? So many possibilities.

Carol H (Bellingham, US)
exploring new ways to have conversations

I really like this deck. I always thought I was good at one to one conversations, but this deck has so many new and different ways to approach conversations with my manager and direct reports.

Latasha Daniels (Miami, US)
Diving Deeper with "Unstuck" conversation startes

These cards have made a valuable impact with my team dynamics. We gifted these cards to all of our front-line people leaders so that they can have meaningful conversations with their team members.

Kesem Zur (Redmond, US)

The Unstuck Box: One to Ones

Julian Toha (San Jose, US)
Elevate your team's performance with The Unstuck Box

As the CEO of an education software company, I have found The Unstuck Box: One to Ones to be an incredibly valuable tool for improving communication and building trust within my team. I have also found The Unstuck Box: Interviews and the original Unstuck Box to be equally helpful in different situations.

These thought-provoking prompts in the form of cards allowed me to have more meaningful one-on-one conversations with my team members and better understand their individual needs and concerns. The Interviews version helped me to conduct better interviews with new candidates, and the original box helped me to resolve any issue that I faced with my team in a productive way.

One thing I particularly appreciated about these cards is how they were crafted by management experts, making sure that the questions were relevant, insightful and provide a valuable starting point for deeper conversations. By using them, I've seen improvement on the team's motivation, and happiness at work. They helped me uncover areas of neglect, frustration and resentment which can build up and cause long-term problems, not just for the individual but for the team as a whole.

Personally, I believe that getting the best from every team member should be a top priority and The Unstuck Box: One to Ones provided me with a clear way to do that by covering core areas such as weekly one-to-one check-ins, career development, upwards feedback, new joiner onboarding, team building, and health and wellbeing. It was an easy and efficient way to build trust and improve motivation immediately.

I wholeheartedly recommend The Unstuck Box: One to Ones, The Unstuck Box: Interviews and the original Unstuck Box to any manager or executive looking to improve their team's communication and overall performance. It is a simple, yet powerful tool that can make a huge difference in any organization.

Norma White (Katy, US)
Excellent and thought provoking

These cards have been so helpful to this new leader!