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Unlock New Perspectives

Elevate performance with our best-selling decks.

Designed for anybody who needs to think or work better, these cards provoke deep discussions and sharpen problem-solving skills. Each box offers proven strategies to unlock new perspectives and boost productivity and wellbeing at work.

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Boost teamwork, creativity and productivity with The Unstuck Box

  • The Unstuck Box range builds collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills in teams
  • Fosters an innovative mindset and helps solve workplace problems from new angles
  • Used by top companies like Google, Amazon, Harvard to facilitate strategic thinking
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  • Unlock Enhanced Cognitive Skills

    Learn new, simple ways to solve hard problems. Get tools that help you make better decisions at work and in life.

  • Transform Team Dynamics

    Boost your team's creativity and work together better. Our tools make teamwork smooth and lead to great results.

  • Revolutionize Interpersonal Dynamics

    Gain the skills to deal with tough people issues. Improve your relationships with clear and kind communication.

  • Embrace the Mindset of Innovators

    Think like top achievers. Use smart strategies to see things differently, make decisions faster, and succeed.

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Improve your problem solving and see problems in a new light

It's tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.

Card 39 in The Unstuck Box warns you against getting stuck in tried and tested routines. Instead, try to approach a problems from a different angle and consider new ways to solve it.

★★★★★ 78 5-star reviews

Improve teamwork, creativity and productivity in your team

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