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The Unstuck Box: Workday Wisdom

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Learn to lead like an emperor. The best of Marcus Aurelius on leadership, motivation, relationships, and ethics. A deck of 49 profound ideas trusted by Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, Tim Ferriss and more.

Marcus Aurelius, 16th emperor of Rome, had a more difficult workday than most.

Fortunately, he kept notes on how to make it through – and anybody can use them to become a better leader. In this deck, we’ve extracted and explained 49 of the most powerful ideas from Marcus’s ancient guide to life, the Meditations. 

  • Prioritize properly
  • Deal with others fairly and patiently
  • Have a more tranquil workday
  • Tackle stress
  • Increase motivation and see the big picture!

Split into different sections, each card contains a single reflection from Meditations. On the reverse is an actionable contemporary interpretation of how to apply it to your workday. The cards are stored in a presentation box, which looks great on your desk.

Wondering why you should pay attention to someone who lived two millennia ago? 

The ideas in Meditations are timeless – what’s striking is how relevant most of the advice is today. Marcus wrote compellingly about how he managed ambition, purpose, stress, endurance, dealing with others, disappointment, and failure. 

The ideas are crystal clear – and as applicable to a day in the office as they were to fighting battles and governing the largest empire on Earth.

Perhaps for this reason, Marcus’s words are cited by leading figures past and present as a guiding influence.

Frederick the Great was said to take Meditations into battle on horseback. Theodore Roosevelt carried it around South America. It’s also been referenced by leaders from John Stuart Mill to Beatrice Webb to Wen Jiabao. More recently, Bill Clinton has said that Meditations is his favorite book, while bestselling author and coach Tim Ferriss regards it as his ‘operating system’.

In this box, we’re offering an emperor’s guide to leadership – of both yourself, and others. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jared Knowlton (Clearlake, US)
Timeless Workday Wisdom

It’s interesting how a little deck of cards can be so insightful thought the day.

C. Kim (Bel Air, US)
Love it!

Wonderfully concise without compromising depth of meaning. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed at work I go through some of these to help ground me.

Anna O'Keefe (Vancouver, US)
Quality cards!

These are perfect bite-sized reminders of leadership philosophy and more from Marcus Aurelius. I am happy to have purchased this.

Brian Coloma (Hayward, US)
Love the cards, great quality!

I received my order very quickly, and I really love the quality of the content and robustness of the materials from the print to the packaging!