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The Unstuck Box: Team Building Cards

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A deck of team building cards to help you work, communicate, and collaborate better as a team. 100 conversation-starting prompts you can reach for to break down awkward barriers and discover how your teammates work best.

Stop being workplace strangers, with this new deck from The Unstuck Box. Encourage team familiarity, trust, and a shared vision.

The Unstuck Box: Team Building contains 100 conversation prompts across eight categories - a simple format that allows your team to connect, in a respectful, professional way.

Whether for a team-building event or a summer BBQ with your colleagues, these cards are designed to help team members go deeper:

  • Break the ice when meeting for the first time
  • Lighten the atmosphere at team events
  • Reduce awkwardness
  • Learn each others’ communication styles
  • Spark new conversations by getting to know teammates
  • Foster a sense of togetherness even when working from home
  • Become a team that understands and supports each other!

From life goals to favorite office gadgets, the prompts in this deck are designed to help the conversation along. Ideal for teams that are forming or performing, they make a great addition to any work gathering.

To use, simply select one or two for discussion, or hand them out to allow colleagues to get to know each other. In more formal team-building contexts, turn the exercise into a game where team members are encouraged to rotate, and then to recall the answers of colleagues.

Each question has been designed to dig deeper, while ensuring teams maintain boundaries and everybody feels comfortable. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tracie Rossi (Danville, US)
GREAT conversation starters

I've been in leadership for "a long time". These little boxes of cards really give some great suggestions on how to start conversations.

Ann Newman (Chicago, US)
Thought-provoking, Fun, #Notstuck

I was not sure what to expect when ordering. I was pleasantly surprised to find the questions and idea stems to be fresh, new, engaging and a blend of serious and fun. The ideas are thought-provoking and I can see myself using these for a long time. I am considering purchasing a different box to try out as well.

Jared Knowlton (Clearlake, US)
The Unstuck Box: Team Building

Great ideas on solving the puzzle of team building.

Kellie Allen (Ballwin, US)

The Unstuck Box: Team Building

Alexa (Fall River, US)

The Unstuck Box: Team Building