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The Unstuck Box: Interviews

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Hire better, with this deck of 100 cards designed to help you build the best team.

Inside, you’ll find 100 questions and prompts to help you explore a candidate’s abilities, attitude, motivation, executive function, leadership skills and more.

This deck builds on the structured interview principles used by experts. Organizations such as Google and the federal government recommend structured interviews – using this deck will help you to implement the same processes.

Pick a selection of cards for each round of candidates, and customize the included General Cognitive Ability questions to suit your organization.

The cards will help you to understand how each candidate:

  • Builds and maintains relationships
  • Solves problems at work (and in life)
  • Leads themselves, and others around them
  • Organizes themselves each day
  • Settles into new organizations
  • Considers diversity, equity and inclusion

Every question is designed to uncover the way that candidates think and is framed in one of three styles – behavioral, situational or introspective.

Using a blend of all three will help you to assess the contribution that any individual will make to your team. Research has shown that structured interviews can be predictive of candidate performance, save time and are less prone to hiring flaws such as interviewer bias. 

Take the guesswork out of hiring by implementing a structured interviewing technique based on The Unstuck Box: Interviews.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jared Knowlton (City of Angels, US)
Interviewing: A Happier, Healthier Team

Understand how a candidate solves problems at work and in life. Builds and maintains relationships. And settles into new organizations.

phillipa ashby (Wynnewood, US)
Perfect Management Tools

I cannot wait to purchase others. The 1:1 cards! a great way to stimulate important conversations. I need to buy some of these as work gifts!

Ellie K (Griffith, US)
Awesome Asset for Your Interview Team!

If you're on the fence about getting these, take this as your sign to get them, and start getting more out of your interviews!

Our HR Team recently added our managers to our interview and hiring process, and this was a HUGE help in getting their input on what they wanted to ask potential team members during their interviews. Not everyone has a mind for forming interview questions (even for those that have done this for a while can get stuck in a rut, too!) and this was an awesome way to get some fresh perspective and ideas for our interviews and get our team involved in the process. The cards made it fun to go through and lots of office passer-byes thought we were playing a game - which didn't feel too off!