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The Unstuck Box: Perfect Persuasion

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Unlock the secrets to winning people over at work. Our newest box isn't just another card deck – it’s your shortcut to becoming a master of persuasion:

  • Understand your audience like never before
  • Craft messages that resonate and stick
  • Build authentic connections effortlessly
  • Navigate resistance and objections like a pro
  • Drive meaningful change in your organization
  • And become the influencer you've always wanted to be!

Whether you're in sales, marketing, management, or simply trying to get ahead, mastering the art of persuasion is a critical skill.

Sometimes, a persuasive conversation is all it takes to turn the tide in your favor.

Introducing, The Unstuck Box: Perfect Persuasion — 45 ingenious cards that distill decades of persuasion science and real-world experience into actionable advice. Each card has a powerful principle, tactic, or case study to absorb in minutes and apply immediately.

The Chapters:

  • Know Your Audience: Dig deep into the motivations and values of those you wish to persuade.
  • Know Yourself: Evaluate your own style and strengths to maximize your persuasive power.
  • Building Rapport: Win hearts and minds through empathy, active listening, and positive body language.
  • Add Credibility: Become an authority whose opinion people seek out and trust.
  • Frame Your Argument: Convey your message in the most impactful way, focusing on benefits, value, and vision.
  • Uncover Interests: Use conversation and observation to find the sweet spot of mutual benefit.
  • Make Your Pitch: Deliver a compelling narrative from opening to close.
  • Overcoming Organizational Inertia: Be the catalyst that drives change effectively within your team or company.

Incorporating wisdom from fields as diverse as psychology, business, and negotiation, this is a toolbox for anyone who needs to influence others, authentically and ethically.

Box Details:

  • Deck Type: Poker Sized
  • Card Size: 2.5” x 3.5”
  • Card Stock (GSM): 300gsm
  • Box Type: Heavy duty matt

100% Happiness Guarantee: If you're not fully satisfied, return the box for a full refund up to 30 days after ordering.

Customer Reviews

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Jared Knowlton (Clearlake, US)
Perfect Persuasion

This is a toolbox for anyone who is looking to create more and build more authentic connections. Could also be used for giving impactful ted style talks.